Our Story

Meet the Owners


As Natalie started preparing for parenthood, she began researching all the best products. However, amidst the excitement, she became overwhelmed as she discovered the market was flooded with an abundance of baby and parent products, leaving her feeling lost and unsure of what was truly the best option for each product. What has the best quality? Which product is the safest? Which one is the easiest to use? Which products are truly a necessity? When she started talking with friends who were becoming parents, she realized this was a challenge faced by many. 


Toby and his wife experienced similar struggles with their two little ones. They fell victim to persuasive marketing tactics, purchasing products that didn't live up to expectations and many times didn't work at all. As Toby was counseling new parents-to-be, he realized he wasn't alone in these challenges. 


As Toby and Natalie discussed the journey of parenthood and their experiences, a spark ignited. They saw an opportunity to create something special: a trusted resource for families that would only provide safe, durable and essential products that bring value and add convenience. Toby and Natalie had a vision of creating a one-stop with added discounts so parents don't have to stress about what they need and finding it in different places. Further, they have a heart to serve others and plan to give at least 20% of profits to non-profits helping women coming out of domestic violence and human trafficking. They are building a non-biased, non-judgmental community where parents can discuss their challenges and ask other parents what works best for them. As parents needs change and involve, Liminova Outfitters will adapt to always provide the best options for products. 

Our Values

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly 

As a company we want to have eco-friendly products and sustainable packaging so every pack will come in something that has multiple uses- backpacks, drawstring bags, product organization bag, etc. and we will repurpose packaging supplies such as bubble wrap that we have received with our inventory. 

The more we grow, the more we give 

We want to give back to the community so as we continue to sell more packs, we will give more packs with relevant supplies to mothers in need, refugees, people transitioning out of prison or homelessness and other groups that are in need. We will also give at least 20% of profits to nonprofits. 


Natalie started talking to her friends and friends of friends about their parenting journeys, challenges, and favorite products. She had conversations with over 50 people, then started surveying 100s of people to continue to learn which products are the best. 

Thus, Liminova was born- a place where parents can find peace of mind and joy in their parenting journey. A place where laughter can be shared, challenges discussed, and successes celebrated. A vibrant community where parents and families are supported through the joys and trials of parenthood.

As the Liminova story continues, and more families join the adventure, Natalie and Toby are committed to being a place that listens, learns, and adjusts to ensure were providing what you need, not pushing you to buy what we want. 

So whether you're a new parent on the verge of discovery or an experienced one seeking camaraderie or experiencing a new challenge, join us in this adventure.