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What do Parents Really Use for their Newborn?

We surveyed over 500 parents to find out which items were really used and which brands parents preferred for their newborn babies. We've compiled a list along with what parents looked for, why they preferred items, and what the favorite brands were.

Navigating the essentials for a new baby can be daunting for any new parent. The market is saturated with products, each advertised as indispensable. However, through our experiences and conversations with other parents, we've noticed that often times many items go unused. 

To get a clearer picture of what is truly essential, we surveyed over 500 parents to discover which items they considered essential and which ones provided significant value throughout their parenting journey. Below, we've categorized these items into two lists: the fundamental essentials and those that became indispensable for many families. In this Blog called Parents Recommended Brands you can see the breakdown of how many parents preferred each top brand. 

Fundamental Baby Esssentials  

 Item Notes
Diapers & Wipes  The favorites for these items varied greatly. Some parents prefer disposable diapers, some prefer reusable diapers, and others prefer a hybrid reusable diaper. If a disposable diaper is used, try to find a TCF (totally chlorine free diaper). Most are (ECF elementally chlorine free), but you can still find TCF diapers. Recommended TCF diapers are purepail, Kudos, Joonya, Attitude, Eco Pea, and Little Toes. Recommended wipes are Little Toes Baby Wipes and Millie Moon. 
Car Seat and Stroller See From Crib to Car Seat: Parent-Approved Picks to see a comparison of some of the top options and factors that may contribute to which one you choose. The most recommended brands were Gecko, Chicco, Baby Trend Snap N Go and UppaBaby. The Doona was avoided by some parents due to the temptation to leave them in it too long. It is recommended babies are not in a car seat longer for 30 minutes at a time to ensure proper lung development. 
Baby clothing/ Onesies  Two way zipper onesies with convertible footies and hand mittens were recommended the most. Babies can quickly get cold and start crying when you take off their onesie so the two way zipper allows for a diaper change without causing your little one to be uncomfortable and fuss. Bamboo fabric is highly recommended due to its exceptional softness and gentle properties, making it particularly suitable for infants with sensitive skin. See Liminova Outfitter's Bamboo Onesie.
Pacifiers Babies have preferences and can be particular about their pacifiers. A good rule of thumb is to look for pacifiers that are 100% food grade silicone, one-piece, and have at least a 1.5" mouth guard to reduce choking hazard. It's also important to ensure pacifiers are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. See Liminova's Paci-Pack with a variety of pacifiers for day and night that your little one can test out. 
Nasal Aspirator  The Frida Nose Snotsucker was the most recommended Nasal Aspirator. 
Bottles While some parents expressed concerns about the fragility of glass bottles, many parents favored them for their safety benefits over plastic bottles, which can pose potential health risks. 
Mother's Care Essentials (Lactation Products, Nipple Balm, Breastfeeding Leak Pads or Milk Collectors)  The most recommended mother's essentials were lactation products, nipple balm, milk collectors, a nursing shawl for privacy, and bamboo breastfeeding leak pads. See Liminova's Nursing Pack to get the most preferred items at a discounted price or Liminova's Nursing Cover made of soft bamboo for privacy with comfort. 
Vitamin D  An often overlooked and forgotten item is Vitamin D cream. There are several ways and types of Vitamin D for babies, but the cream helps them absorb it better than the drops. The most recommended brand for Vitamin D cream was by Earthley


Highly Valuable Baby Essentials  

Item Notes
Baby swaddles or kimino gowns While parents recommended both, parents seemed to prefer baby swaddles over kimino gowns as a general rule of thumb. The most preferred brands were Woombie Swaddle, Halo Swaddle, SwaddleMe, and Magic Merlin Sleepsuit. Liminova offers the Woombie Grow with Me Sleep Swaddle that can turn into a sleep sack as your little one grows. 
Newborn Teethers

Newborn teethers should be free of BPA, PVC, and phthalate. It's also helpful when they have several different textures that a baby can chew on that massage the gums to help relieve teeth pain. Some common favorites are Sophie la Girafe and Little Bamber. Liminova Outfitters has a variety of newborn teething toys like the Shake N Chew Teething Wheel,  Silicone Teething Keys, and Baby Blanket with Teething Ring that also help with tactile and visual development. 

Electric Nail Trimmer

An electric nail trimmer was highly recommended and many parents started using it within the first month their baby came home. Most parents used one they found on Amazon. 

Colic and Baby Gas Reliever

Colic and gas reliever can be a lifesaver when your little one just won't stop crying and is having tummy pain or acid reflux. The most common brands recommended were Earthley's Infant Tummy Relief and Gripe Water. 

Baby Teething Pain Reliever Parents said topical pain relievers were really helpful in helping relieve their baby's tooth and gum pain when teething. The most commonly recommended brand was Earthley's Teeth Tamer due to its clean ingredients and ability to relieve the pain. 
Baby Books Every parent said baby books were a must-have for development and parent-child bonding.  The most recommended baby books were cloth books and indestructible books so your little one can't tear out the pages and the books can also be washed. LaMaze Good Morning Indestructible Book is great because it also has a textured teething edge on it and hole so it can be attached to your baby's car seat, crib, or onesie using Liminova's teething/pacifier strap
Activity Gym Mat The Activity Gym Mat allowed parents to get stuff done while they knew their little one was safe and occupied and is a good way to get tummy time and development time in while playing. The most recommended Activity Gym Mats were the Fisher Price Piano Activity Gym Mat and Lovevery's Play Gym. 
Noise Machine for Babies Parents recommended having both a Sound Machine with Night Light and Toddler Training features for at home and a white noise machine for on the go to help soothe in the car or when out in public. The most recommended Sound Machine for at Home is the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and the Shusher. Liminova Outfitters Dreamy Naptime Tunes is a portable Sound Machine with a night light and several sound options including white noise, shush sound, and heart beat. 
Bottle Bag for Daycare A good Bottle Bag for Daycare was highly recommended as well to keep milk cold until it's time to be warmed up and keep your little one's items organized including any snacks that may be needed throughout the day. 
Baby Bouncer A Baby Bouncer was recommended to help keep your little one entertained, comforted and safe while you can have your hands free to get other tasks that need to be done completed. The most recommended brands were the MunchKin Bluetooth Baby Swing, 4Moms MamaRoo Swing, and Bjorn Baby Bliss Bouncer. See From Crib to Car Seat: Parent-Approved Picks for more information on Baby Bouncer preferences.   


By sharing the experiences and recommendations of over 500 parents, we hope to help you make informed choices and take the stress off figuring out what you need and don't need for your little one. 


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